What is an adult Day Program?

Normally, adult day program is used to relieve the parent/ caregiver or his or her duties for the day while ensuring that the care recipient will still receive the proper care in a safe, friendly environment. Our center is open Monday to Friday from 9-4 (flexible times can be discussed) Our three main purposes focus primarily on social interaction, provide activities, both structured and flexible, and provide service as required.

Who qualifies for this program?

A person enrolled in an adult day care center who is functionally impaired. We define functionally impaired adults as… chronically impaired disabled persons sixteen years of age or older.

Why would one use this service?

Our center enables our members the ability to remain in their own home or in the home of a family member, guardian, or other care giver, and avoid premature institutionalization. Generally, a care recipient can benefit from adult day care because:
• It allows him or her to stay in his or her community while the caregiver goes to work
• It gives him or her a break from the caregiver
• It provides needed social interaction
• It provides greater structure to his or her daily activities

What types of programs are offered?
• Assistance with eating, taking medicines
• Educational programs or mental stimulation
• Exercise programs
• Podiatry care
• Assistance with preparation of meals and snacks
• Social activities
• Crafts
• Exercises
• Games
• Gardening
• Holiday parties
• Music & pet therapy
• Relaxation techniques

Are you licensed to run a program?

Loving Hands & New Territories, falls under the “venerable persons” sector. All staff must hold, in good standing, a police check under the “venerable Sector” guidelines, as well as First Aid /CPR, and all other mandated certifications.

Are people with higher needs separated from other participants or included in general activities?

This will depend on the individual need of the participant. Our program will be specific to the needs of the individual when applicable. Please note all participants with moderate impairment will require specific staff /participant ratio as required. We reserve the right to disqualify participants with physical abuse issues.

Will the center evaluate the person’s needs? How will this evaluation be accomplished? How often will it be repeated?

As this is not a medical facility, there are some restrictions to participation criteria. Please speak to our facilitator when eligibility is questionable.

Is staff trained?

All staff will have required certifications as required. All 1:1 assigned staff will have the required qualifications to care for this demographic.

How are emergency situations handled?

Each emergency is individual and unique:
• All staff will maintain current CPR/First Aid certification.
• Ongoing training will be maintained.
• A first Aid Kit will remain on site.
• 911 will be utilized as required.
• Required staffing ratio’s will be maintained.
• Facility & equipment will be maintained to all provincial health standards.

What types of health care professionals are on staff?

As we are not a medical facility, we will not have certified medical personal on site daily with the exception of an RN, certified through the VON for-foot care, monthly when we reach capacity. We will, in time, schedule a health care professionals for blood pressure clinics periodically. There will be on staff daily, qualified and experienced caregivers and a Certified Recreation Professional.

How do you ensure the safety of the participants?

• Enrollment procedures.
• Facility, equipment requirements.
• General health and safety requirements, such as infection control, fire safety, and emergency operations.
• Program activities requirements.
• Record keeping requirements.
• Participants’ rights.
• Staff-participant ratios
• Personnel policies not related to staffing and training, such as conducting criminal background checks.
• Meal and food requirements related to food handling, preparation, and storage.
• Medication storage policies.

Do you provide subsidies?

As this is such a new model, currently, no subsidy is available. We will continue to work with the federal and provincial government in this endeavor. PDD may provide support dollars to qualified individuals. Additionally, there may be funding dollars for qualified seniors.

Is transportation available?

Clients may be eligible for Access Calgary:   (403) 537-7777  -   https://www.calgarytransit.com/calgary-transit-access

Does one have to commit to a full-time model?

No. There are several options to choose from if you are wanting to participate in our program. We offer monthly rates, weekly rates, daily rates and even drop in opportunities. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

For the safety of all parties, we do require a liability agreement to be reviewed, approved and signed. Additionally, an application form is required and a participant information sheet. Participants are under no obligation to sign a long-term contract for participation.

Do you access volunteers?

We do access and welcome volunteers within our Center. As expected, the safety certification requirements pertain to our volunteers

Can family members/ guardians drop in without notice?

All family members and guardians are welcome any time.



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